iTero Scanner


The iTero Scanner, used alongside Invisalign, creates 3D images that are sent off to a dental laboratory in order to create a model for your teeth. With the help of this scanner, we're able to give you the most accurate and precise orthodontic work for your smile.


Without this technology, the impressions of a patient's mouth used to be time-consuming, uncomfortable and can lack accuracy. Typically, offices would use trays with a liquid plaster to create a mold of your teeth, which would be sent over to the dental lab. This can leave patients gagging and nauseous with the remnants of the goopy material in and on their teeth.


With the iTero Scanner, this old method is completely left behind! Your mouth is as clean as it was when we started, so you don't have to worry about dealing with any discomfort.


The scanning takes a matter of minutes and after all of the proper photos are taken, we'll be able to display the simulated outcome for your smile over the estimated period of time your treatment will last.


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